Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Culross Pier

In an effort to keep on an even keel while responsibly social distancing we took ourselves off, not by public transport, for a walk along the Forth at Culross. Here there were a few other walkers but it was easy to string ourselves out along the Fife Coast Path and keep at the required distance of six feet. It's a different matter for dogs of course who have no concept of social distance.

We were up ridiculously early this morning and before 09:00 had accomplished a number of tasks such as sweeping out the potting shed, making the garden even more secure against Flora's exploration and so on. We then took a load of recycling off to the council tip on the grounds that it might well shut to the public soon. Picked up a few bags of municipal compost for the garden. I think we were the only people there.

Over to Culross (pronounced Cooross). This is the pier which is slowly undergoing restoration. I've added the same photograph in colour so you can see evidence of the beautiful day but I prefer the structure in mono. Normally when we go further afield than our local walks we would go somewhere for coffee. But not now. We did what people always used to do and took a flask, some fruit and a sandwich. A picnic lunch after our walk was perfect.

Went into the supermarket on the way home and bought more fruit. The shelves weren't bare but there were some items out of stock. I then walked Flora home and passed no-one on the way except some school students who were in a teenage gaggle.

Schools close today and might not open again until August,  after the summer holiday. There is to be no exam diet in Scotland this year. Quite extraordinary times.

Today we should have been going to Arran for a weekend break. This trip has now been postponed four times. One day we will get back to that lovely island but it's not going to be anytime soon.

Hope you all have a good weekend in whatever situation you find yourselves.

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