Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


"the healing power of birding in nature"

That was the order of the day for me.  I spent some time this morning in the hide, took time out for a 2 mile brisk walk with Hubs, then back in the hide for a while.  It was gloriously warm this afternoon - 70 F - so that was a nice bonus.  Of course, we now have a forecast for snow on Monday - that's spring in the northeast for you.

Today's bird - an American Goldfinch, male, starting to molt into his brilliant summer outfit

No trips to the store today but I will have to run in briefly tomorrow.  More and more retail stores (clothing, home goods, etc) are closing now and I expect soon the only things that will be open are grocers, pharmacies and gas stations.  I think one of the hardest things about this pandemic is truly not knowing what will happen next.  It creates so much stress and anxiety.  I'm grateful that our weather is transitioning to spring now - makes it easier to keep on an even track mentally.

Had our first video chat with MIL yesterday - her facility has been locked down since early last week so it was the first time we'd "seen" her.  She's well and seemed in good spirits.  My parents are basically sheltering in place now, with only essential trips to the grocery store and almost daily walks in uncrowded areas.  

Take a deep breath...


On depression...I haven't written anything about depression for a while but it has sure been on my mind of late. This time on extreme uncertainty and even fear is especially hard for people who experience depression.  If you know someone who battles depression or anxiety, be sure to check in with them more often right now.  A kind word can make all the difference.

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