Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Another phrase that has become all too well known in recent days, this order (also called stay-at-home) was enacted in adjacent states of Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut yesterday.  Today, as of about 45 minutes ago, this order now also applies to New Jersey residents.  Although Hubs and I have pretty much been doing this for the last few weeks, it feels quite daunting to have this an official order now.  The number of confirmed cases in New Jersey is now over 1,300, almost double what it was 2 days ago. 

I went out in the garden to try to still my mind and saw that Xena was out gathering seeds.  She's very clearly pregnant so I quickly put a big pile of sunflower seeds right by her burrow.  Very important for everyone to follow the shelter-in-place order! As a way of showing her appreciation, she agreed to do today's PSA.  

I made a quick trip to the grocer this morning, trying very hard to keep at least 2 meters from everyone.  Still, a lot of people don't seem to be taking this seriously.  Makes me nuts.

My message remains the same - wash your hands, stay out of crowds, don't touch your face, and be kind!  And be thankful for this lovely, caring Blip community which allows us to all stay connected even in a global pandemic.  


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