Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tiny Titmouse Results

I wanted to get the TinyTuesday results out earlier, but it was another trip to the vet this morning for Phoebe.  Seems that she may have an inner/middle ear infection which is what's causing her to stagger and fall.  More meds and more time in "sick bay" with limited movement.  She's in my work space/sanctuary now, comfortable resting on the window bench while I work on photos.  And, she has helped me choose the favorite shots for this week.  In no special order, Tiny Titmouse (in the rain) Hearts to the following:
OldTimer for a wonderful image filled with promise for the future (and a great suggestion for next week’s theme)
TarjaRii for a beautiful droplet-laden catkin
Gitama for her darkly lovely rose
JensPhotos because I simply can't resist a perfect little mantis
Freyjad for her lovely duet of snails

And Tiny Titmouse HM's to the following:
Ingeborg for her soft and delicate spiral shell
Trisharooni for her alien creatures with all it's many eyes
Carol_dunham for her tiny dino, looking quite fearsome in a cute sort of way
Sheol for the most delicate and ethereal looking flower petals
Hanulli for more Tiny adventures and yet another reason why sunbathing isn’t good for us!

Next week's theme, thanks to OldTimer, is going to be "special".  This is a theme that is open to many interpretations, so I hope you'll have some fun with it.  Next week's tag is #TT200.

Thank you for the many kind comments regarding my MIL.  The tests to understand what is causing her headaches were all inconclusive so in the short term, they will treat the pain.  We have a follow up in a couple of weeks and hope to be able to get closer to the cause.  Thank you for keeping her in your thoughts.


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