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By Sallymair

Morning View

This is the view as I open the bedroom curtains every morning so I decided that this raised bed would be today's task. It's a very heavy clay soil and is in shade a lot of the time so moss tends to gather. I managed to get it all weeded out and forked it over well with a hand fork before topping up the soil with one of last years gro-bags. I'm looking forward to the pleasure of seeing it now when I open the curtains, rather than having to view it as a job to be done. There'll be even more flowers very soon when the scilla opens, the dicentra is almost open, there's a sanguinaria and a fritillaria about to break through as well as the polyanthus and the hellebore which are in bloom.
At the other end of the bed is our pond, I cleared out last years dead stems from the iris and it'll be a mass of fresh greenery and delicate purple flowers soon. The irises came from Marian so they always remind me of Romsey and my Dad.
We had a lovely visit from Ali today, we sat in the garden, thank you for the sunshine, and stayed the statutory distance apart. She's rather at a loss now school is over and sad that she may not be with that class again. She's going to be busy though preparing and overseeing work from home. She and Stuart have set up their spare room as a work space for them both for the duration. It's hard for them, they should be excited as they plan their wedding but like everything else, the pause button has been pressed.
Katy and Jon are also at a bit of a loss. Both being in jobs where they will be working for the duration but not knowing for sure, yet, what will be happening for their gorgeous little girls. We would love to have them with us but it's not sensible.
What an extraordinary time of limbo. Please God it will all be over soon and that our precautions will have done their job.
Today's good thing, watching a couple of programmes tonight about Ready, Steady, Go! , which was almost before my time, but some wonderful film of groups and singers from 1963-66. Some wonderful memories triggered.

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