Saturday - formally known as parkrun day.

I spent the last few minutes before I went to bed and the first few minutes when I woke up messaging a friend who was on route home from a  shortened holiday in Sri Lanka as, in Antigua, the hotel I'd hoped to stop in next month closed it's doors to tourists.

My friend celebrated the amazing 5 days she had spent away, forgetting for now, the anxious time spent in immigration, the huge amount spent on flight changes and the impact that this will have on the lives of all of those that live in a country that is very dependent on tourism.

Then I went out for my 'HeybridgeCreek' parkrun.  parkrun HQ cancelled all UK events on Wednesday and have requested that runners do not gather at courses or elsewhere this week.  I hope that people are sensible about this.  I chose to go out earlier than usual as there are other things happening within parkrun communities at 9am that I'd like to take part in.

My route takes me parallel to the parkrun course and across the creek I could see a runner who I imagined was someone that I know on the parkrun core team.

I will miss my parkrun friends for now but our reunion whenever that might be will be even better for that absence, I'm sure.

I even made myself a #1 finish token.

I'm now off to make breakfast and begin a couple of hours of parkrun faffing.

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