Coorie Doon

As you leave the A9 when coming to Pitlochry you can often see a herd of Highland Cattle in a nearby field. I decided to go and take a closer look this morning and found them herding together in a field close to the path - no social distancing for them. 

There were not many other people out walking and those that were seemed more relaxed about being out and more confident about giving a wide berth whilst acknowledging each other.  I think the clarification that getting out is good for you as long as you observe a social distance has helped. I saw person I knew and we conversed from opposite sides of the road. 

T went to the co-op for bread and also got wine - it was being rationed at two bottles per person. 

I'm now back home and strangely at times it feels like just another Saturday. I've been for a walk, have soup and a sandwich for lunch, looked the crossword and will catch up with the latest Scandi noir this evening (except that its Welsh); except that it isnt. 

I'm listening to the Gambler  as I'm psoting in memory of Kenny Rogers, one of country's true legends who died today. 

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