Rodents rule

By squirk


You got the punk, but it was almost the droplets (see extra). I followed the woodpecker's drumming until I was standing right underneath him. The trunk he was perched on was in full view so perfect for a shot.

It was quiet in the cemetery again and I enjoyed looking at the flowers and seeking bird sightings.

The cafes and bars did have people in them chatting and eating away, which surprised me, and the streets were as busy as usual. I avoided those and the shops. I have all I need for the moment and there's no need for me to buy more. Interestingly, the smaller shops and cafes have started reaching out to people to say they have staples such as eggs (which cannot be found in the local supermarkets). I hope that this horrible time helps people remember the smaller shops in the future, whatever that holds.

I had my first hangout with my team tea round in which my camera wouldn't work. Luckily, in the hangout with my managers the camera did work. My designer rang in as she doesn't have video means until her work computer arrives. That worked surprisingly well.

Caught up with Fred and the Brown family in Inverness via video, too. Everyone is as healthy as they can be.

Finished my jigsaw! (see extra 2) I'll send it on to Mum.

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