View from the working room

I should not have been in my working room today, because Friday is my part-time day on which I don't work. I managed to keep that up until ten 'o clock, when I received a phone call from one of the managers in the UMCG hospital department where I work. Back on Corona duties I went. I asked the team if anyone was willing to give up their off-time if needed and everyone that responded let me know that given the circumstances they will work extra hours if required.

UMCG staff will likely be affected by COVID-19 as well and today the department started making arrangements for several scenario's, including one where half of the staff won't be able to work. This requires a totally different way of working and our job as IT team is to prepare the systems for this new way as much as possible.

Later in the afternoon, I managed to detach myself from work somewhat and during an iMessage conversation with Ton and Herman I noticed the beautiful weather outside. We ordered dinner from a local restaurant. For them, delivering food is the only way they can keep in business at the moment. We're happy to support them and we had great food! During dinner, we watched the King's speech on TV. Like prime minister Rutte, our king was spot on!

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