If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Male Sparrowhawk ( Accipiter nisus )

One of those days when you are spoiled for choice with regard to blips.  First we were cleaning at the Lodge starting with disinfectant wipes over all surfaces on the principal "you can't be too careful.   So a few flower blips were taken.

From where Clickychick sits she can see the squirrel feeder but not the top of the post.  So we were quietly having and afternoon cup of tea when she saw the Squirrel, so I stood up to have a look.  What she had seen was a squirrel on its way to the feeder, what she hadn't seen was the Sparrowhawk on the post.

Panic!  The camera was in the car with the wrong lens on, I ran!   When I got back the squirrel was sitting on a branch about a foot from the hawk "telling it off" in no uncertain terms.  Unfortunately just as I was focussing the squirrel left.

Later the squirrel came back so as part of our attempts to  get it used to us I moved slowly into the garden and sat for a while on a chair nearer to the squirrel than I have ever done before.  One of the shots is in extra.  With regard to getting the squirrels used to people we know one woman who had months at home convalescing from a bad accident.  She had squirrels come partly through her open window eventually.

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