...Liniment. I have a small collection of old bottles, and since I haven't been out of the house all day (by choice), I decided to blip a couple of them. Both of these still have some of the contents inside, but don't expect me to try them out. Andrew Sloan emigrated from Ireland in the early 19th century, and settled in Pennsylvania. He was a harness maker and self proclaimed Vet (though he had no Vet training), & he started selling his homemade liniment in the late 1860's. He claimed to have gotten the formula for his liniment from the Indians, & while possible, it's never been proven. It was a strong-smelling brown concoction that was applied to horses' shoulders when they stiffened after plowing. The concoction became very popular throughout the area. In 1871, his 23 y.o. son, Earl, took some of the bottles of formula to St. Louis, Missouri to join his brother--a dealer in horses--there, & the two began selling it. Earl, who had no formal schooling, added the "Dr" to his name. He believed in advertising in the newspapers, and with his advertising campaigns the demand for the liniment expanded significantly. At some point, someone applied the liniment to Earl's back, and he discovered it relieved his discomfort as well, so after that the liniment was advertised as "Good for Man or Beast"!  Earl sold his business in 1913 for a lucrative amount of money and retired, but his liniment is still being sold today.......just in case you have any sore muscles.....or joint pain.....or strains....or sprains....or bruises.....     :)))

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