Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse


for everyone helping us
in the pandemic

There's a wonderful daily habit that is taking place all over the world. It may have started in Italy, but I haven't checked the facts yet.  

Every evening at 9 pm, people everywhere go on their balconies or stand at their open windows to applaud loudly! Some of them over here ring Swiss cow bells, others sing or shout joyfully. Why? Well, it's to show our appreciation for all those devoted people everywhere who are doing their best to look after us and keep us safe during this dangerous pandemic.  These are some of the people that I feel grateful for:
- The doctors and nurses working round the clock
- The employees that work in pharmacies, food stores, banks and post    offices.
- The adult children who don't forget their older parents who are in lockdown.
- The farmers who continue working to provide us with supplies.
- The postmen and women who deliver our mail, especially the parcels of food.
- The dustbin trucks that still come round to pick up our rubbish - and the drivers and employees who do that.

There must be many more people working for us that are not immediately apparent and I thank them too.

I had never heard people clapping in my own neighbourhood at 9 pm before, but last night, I put on a jacket and scarf and went outside with my Tingsha Bells (seen in the photo). They make a beautiful sound. I knocked them together and then put them down to be able to clap loudly for a full minute!  Low and behold, I heard others clapping and shouting (but nobody from my own building). Perhaps if I do this every evening, others will join me?

- Let's be strong like a little sapling standing in the grass dotted with primroses. This was taken from my balcony on the grassy patch between my building and the one opposite.
- My breakfast this morning: French toast, cooked blueberries and a blob of coconut yogurt.

Be happy, be safe and be grateful!

Tingsha bells ringing:
Mine sound like the 3-inch ones at 0.20 seconds.

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