Through the trees

I was out before breakfast this morning feeling the need to get some fresh air in the countryside.  I walked to the River Otter and then up along the coastal path.  The sun was shining with a fresh breeze and it was a lovely light.  I decided to take this shot through the pines looking towards Budleigh Beach.  A relaxing walk where I exchanged greetings with a few dog walkers and runners at the appropriate distance.

Once home I popped out late morning to pick up a few groceries from the local shops.  I wasn't impressed with the elderly couple who came right up to me while I was being served in the butchers.  The fruit and vegetable shop had too many customers inside for my liking so I then drove to a local farm shop to pick up some vegetables.  My husband attempted to go to the local tip but after queuing for 25 minutes was turned away on giving his date of birth.  We thought we would try again tomorrow with me and our son going but will they still be open.

The evening was spent watching the news and then the prime ministers address so it now seems we are in lockdown.  I must say I am not surprised and expected it to happen sooner. Its very disturbing being slowly drip fed information and trying to stay ahead of the situation.  Hard to understand why there is such a shortage of ventilators, protective equipment for doctors and nurses and that testing for the virus has been so limited given that we were warned of the likelihood of the Corona virus affecting the country.

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