River Otter

Another lovely sunny day and we decided to get our allowed exercise early this morning.  It was a lovely walk starting by walking across the River Otter.  We then climbed along the South West coastal footpath where we stopped many different small birds.  We were discussing whether we would spot any skywards when we heard them and I saw one hovering just above me.  So delightful and lovely to enjoy some peace and calm first thing on Day One of the Lockdown.

We continued back towards Otterton returning by the footpath above the river and spotted a Heron and a Little Egret, a very productive morning for bird spotting much to my husbands delight.

Back home our son popped out at lunch time for his exercise walk to the sea and for a few provisions and reported that all was very quiet and the shops not crowded, thats good to know.  I continued to make the sourdough loaf I had started earlier, thats something I can learn to perfect and takes a lot of time.  Also I had wondered about whether I could visit the allotment but it seems that the current guidance is that it can count as your form of exercise if you keep the 2m apart from anyone else.  Thats a relief, I had visions of it overgrown with weeds after having just cleared it nicely.

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