Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Those Cherry Blossoms

For our walk today we ventured to the UW to see the cherry blossoms..knowing there were signs to restrict people… a bit different than last year when it was crawling with wall to wall people.   There was a UW security guard who yelled at anyone he saw in this area to go back the way they came and stay out..…it’s hard as there are many entrances…  oops, he missed the guy on the other end.   He told us he was getting help for that end soon and he wished people would comply for his little child and all our sakes, what is the matter with them anyway.   WE never got near anyone.  It was a beautiful but weird walk..people are mostly being strict about at least 6 feet, but on the U bridge where WE were the ones moving out of the way to the bike lane to get the distance.   Think we’ll avoid that part from now on.  

Had to facetime one of our families …the girls are sort of having vacation altho they made themselves a schedule, with 3 classes, lunch, walks, community time (cleaning) and vibes (chilling)  and have lots of links being thrown at them by their teachers, but it’s it’s all “optional” (since everyone can’t access such) and they feel bombarded but there is no organized way to learn.   I think they don’t need more from NannaK.  Kirsten is getting to work from home all but one day a week.   We were disappointed that Maple didn’t recognize us on the iPad screen!

Extras: Red Square, the heart of the UW campus, with the Suzallo library.  Eerie
-Our haircutter in our neighborhood… she is handy about maintaining her house and yelled at us from the roof…NO idea what she was doing.  she’s not cutting hair these days.
-that silly granddog

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