By hpx

For the kids

I'm not sure how widespread this idea is. Placing teddy's etc in the front window is something for families with little kids to spot.

The kangaroo (kangi) was a gift from my Australian Nana. Remarkably all these years later its still on one piece and the joey is still in the pocket.

Ditto teddy, whose coming up 55 years old. For some years I stole my sisters teddy so my teddy (who I was also fond of) is in good nick.

Mum knitted me the dolly. Years ago she had a run on knitting grand kids their own and I scored one too.

I'm an enthusiastic participant of the teddy in the window scheme. If it brings joy to some puzzled little people at this time and helps lighten the load for their parents, why not? Plus it's free and simple.

My day has had its frustrations as we sort technical issues with working from home. I think I've just the phone system to sort. It all felt a bit wierd and I felt a roller-coaster of fear.

Adapt, adapt, adapt.

Importantly, my coffee order arrived. Phew! that's one crisis averted.

Today's gratitude: For trasforming my sadness at seeing kids playgrounds either fenced or taped off, to a sense of gladness. Kids and their parents, are safer and New Zealand can get through this with less infections and deaths.

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