By Viewpoint

First Peacock butterflies of the year

Ann saw two of them whereas I only saw this one, which chose a very messy place to settle in the front garden.  It didn’t hang around for another photo.  It’s been a glorious day and very warm, the blackbird has been singing his head off and the sparrows have been making the kind of racket that only sparrows can.  I’ve been out in the garden, unwrapping my newly acquired Clematis plants which arrived this morning and planting two of them, before weeding another patch of garden.  I seem to have exhausted myself today so I’ve come in for a sit down.

Lock Down Day 1
Several worrying tales from a couple of the self employed people in our lives, the window-cleaner (who in the past would actually have been employed - there’s some dodgy business going on about the round/ equipment) and Emma, who would normally have come to give our feet a once over.  Both could be in serious trouble if the government don’t come up with the compensation they promised.

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