By Viewpoint

Looking back to visits to Northumberland

We needed to set up for a Tai Chi session, facilitated by Zoom, last Wednesday, so I moved the large computer screen onto the table next to my laptop and found a spiders den and some notebooks that I hadn’t seen for a long time.  One of the notebooks had words, photos and drawings from our very early visits to Northumberland (2006) and it got me thinking that I should bring it up to date as this was one of my mum’s favourite places.

I dug out some older sketch books to see if I could incorporate some drawings into my updated journal as well as photos.  (So far it’s still an idea which has not progressed any further.). I seem to recall thinking about creating a print of the beach complete with the ancient boat, hence my sketches, but it never came to anything.  I also did do some experimenting with ideas for a relief print of the castle and stormy sea, but didn’t feel happy with it and that didn’t result in a finished print either.

I’ve felt sparked  by posts on Pinterest, into thinking about hands on art activities again.  It feels as though it has something to do with the Coronavirus and a need to do move away from photography and back to some of my other passions.  I’ve also been spending time in the garden this week and enjoying the lovely weather.  I’m not sure where it will all take me but maybe it will get me started with my artwork again.

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