By Viewpoint


An alternative to tulips!  I managed a little bit of tidying up this morning and then handed over to M.  It was a good opportunity for me to go for a walk with my camera and after my garden circular I set off up the road, stopping on the way to talk to neighbours who were standing at their front door (it’s good to be able to get out again).  I actually walked up to the recreation ground which is a lot further than I walked last time I went out.  Walking up hill is not too bad, but walking downhill in my moon boot is very restrictive and I have to loosen the straps to stop the boot crippling me. It was lovely to be out and I managed to get home before the next heavy shower.

I’m actually walking round at home in my Keen sandals, which hold my feet fairly steady without touching the tender spot on my ankle.  I had to pick a few heads from the Chionodoxa as it’s growing too low for me to get down to with my camera.  My extra is The Tulips Last Stand. The petals have all dropped off today.

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