By mollyblobs

Garden time

Some beautiful spring weather meant that I spent much of the day in the garden, following the government's advice to 'stay at home'. If the current coronavirus situation lasts for the whole of the spring (which seems likely) the garden will be much better cared for than it has been for many years. I have a very soft spot for Balkan Anemone Anemone blanda and am pleased that they've finally established in a sunny corner, despite our soil being less than ideal.

Towards the end of the afternoon I walked from home down to the river, carefully keeping my distance from the few people that I met. The light and reflections were gorgeous - I love the pure colours that you find at this time of year. By and large most people were respecting guidance, although there were a couple of groups of teenage boys that definitely weren't following the 2 metre rule.

This evening we finally had some clear guidelines from the government, though I suspect that a significant proportion of the country have been largely following them already. I just hope it isn't too little, too late to flatten the curve.

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