Gorse Weevil

I had hoped to go on the People's Vote March in London, but Pete and I just didn't feel up to facing crowds and walking slowly for several hours. I felt at a bit of a loose end and mooched around for a while being miserable, but as the weather was fine I decided I'd go out and do some plant recording, which always manages to lift my spirits.

After trudging very slowly round my first site (and feeling that I'd probably been very wise not to go to London) I dropped in at Stanton's Pit NR, which has one of the few large populations of gorse in South Lincolnshire. I was pleased to see that it also had an associated fauna - the warm spring sunshine had brought out Gorse Shieldbugs and oa few very tiny Gorse Weevils Exapion ulicis - challenging to photograph in a stiff breeze when standing still seemed to be an effort!

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