Wide Wednesday...Road

This is a view of my road from my bedroom window at 5.50am....not sleepingwell.  Am trying out the wideangle lens on my new phone, with an additional edit in Snapseed. Thanks to Freyjad for hosting:)
Also adding it to the community challenge
The road was once a narrow dirt track for horse and cart, not designed for cars, lorries, buses and such like...normally very busy and noisy. One of the few advantages of this virus is that it is now extremely quiet......be grateful for small blessings :)

Charlton Road used to be called Dane's Lane after King Arthur and King Alfred chased the Vikings up it in a cunning Pincer move that culminated in victory for England at the Battle Of Lays Drive. It gained its present name following the completion of the Charlton Pub in 1923. The junction of Charlton Road and the High Street is known as The Circus. Clowns can regularly be seen in the area, which is easily identified by the non-geometric blob painted in the road, a blob that motor-car enthusiasts often mistake for a roundabou

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