By evolybab

Abstract Thursday....Inside

After my very early morning yesterday,  I decided to give the supermarket a try, on the permitted day and time that they had allocated for pensioners, as my neighbour had assured me it was quiet and orderly, and people were keeping their distance. However, it wasn't and they were not!!  It was business as usual, with no monitoring or supervision, people of all ages and children browsing as in any normal day. I was so shocked and panicked, grabbed a few bits and rushed home as fast as possible... subsequently bursting into tears thinking of the risk I had taken, putting myself in that vulnerable situation.
I have felt tearful all day. I know it's illogical and will get over it. Apparently an alternative supermarket has more rigid controls, so maybe I will venture there, but in truth, I am a reluctant to go out now, even though it is permitted to buy groceries.
Today's blip is of a little glass dish I have had for ages, can't remember where it came from, and I have only just noticed the writing on it.....thought it was rather suitable for today's world, we certainly need it.....not strictly an abstract, but tagging it anyway....thanks Admirer :)

Not done much today, just sat in the garden chilling, and reading.

Thank you very much for the responses again yesterday x

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