Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Evening exercise

Gus and Wifie on our walk along the shore at sunset. For once there was no-one parked along the Ashmeadow prom. The hordes who invaded the village on the weekend before the lockdown are gone. The few people who were out were respecting the 2 metre social distancing advice.

Earlier we had to venture out for essential supplies, the roads and Milnthorpe were eerily quiet. That said, I do think there is a tighter series of measures to come.

That may mean that ultimately access to the allotment may not be possible. Yesterday it was confirmed by Michael Gove that going to allotments would be fine so long as social distancing measures are respected, it is good exercise and if we are producing our own food, there will be less need to go to the supermarket.  Meanwhile I am starting to get this year's crops ready, sowing the seeds and preparing the ground. The air is warm now, though the soil is still cool, which may be why there is no sign yet of Reggie. With another warm day today (Wednesday), will he emerge?

As for Gus, he is still suffering with his tummy upset. We may have to take him to the vet if this continues any longer.  Otherwise, though, he is in good spirits and quite sprightly. He enjoyed his walk with his favourite human.

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