Duvet Day!

My other half is now working from home. That's a bit weird having him in the house all day.....

To be fair, he has converted his desk in the spare bedroom, into his office so at least we're not falling over each other. And he's quite disciplined about doing his normal hours.

The cat had decamped to the bedroom in the morning as the sun was making the room nice and warm.

We went out for a walk for our exercise together at lunchtime, to give my partner a break from his new office. The weather was glorious.

I spent the afternoon completely absorbed in gardening which was a welcome distraction. And we had a mini crisis as the cat got herself stuck in next door's tree! We did get her down with a few scratches and bites incurred by my partner. But we didn't think about wearing gloves first. I think we might leave her a bit longer when she does it again.....

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