Wide Wednesday: Bridge or Road

Bobsblips's Wide Wednesday challenge (hosted by Freyjad) is "Bridge or Road".

My Editor and I were already planning to walk to Gosforth and back for our "single allowed daily episode of exercise" - just like we did last Wednesday but for a different purpose. (Yes, we did keep at least 2 metres away from the few folk we passed.) Anyway it meant that our route took us along Killingworth Road where I was able to take this shot of a bridge and road (for once I didn't use my fisheye lens for this one!).

As you'll see, there are roadworks going on...still! I knew I'd blipped a rant about the roadworks about a couple of years ago so I knew this would be a follow-up shot - but I only realised when I got home that it was exactly 2 years ago, to the day, when I blipped that one! My rant then was that the road had been meant to be closed for about 8 months from July 2017 but was still closed in March 2018. In fact it didn't open at all until well into 2019 (2+ years after it closed) - and as you can see the work still isn't finished. And today there were no workmen around, presumably owing to Covid-19 so goodness knows when it'll be finished. But at least it's useable now - and as you can see there's hardly any traffic as a result of the current restrictions.

The new(ish) bridge carries the Metro line between the city and the coast - as there's a station on that line very near our abode we've been across that bridge on the Metro many times.

Now the result of yesterday's Tiny Tuesday challenge. Thanks to everyone who had a guess and well done to Skeena, GEO2B, randomangel, TT host jensphotos who all got it right and either stated so explicitly or implicitly (and I suspect that Graham Colling got it right too). It was the screw hole into which the spark plug fits on our petrol lawn mower. The mower used to be a pig to start for its first use of the season but nowadays I take out the spark plug, clean it and put it on our boiler to warm up for 10 minutes. Then I blow warm air into the spark plug hole with my Editor's hairdryer (with permission!) for a couple of minutes to dry out any moisture and warm it up. After replacing the spark plug it starts promptly first go.

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