An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

I'm on a roll...

I am a little loo roll, 
As happy as can be
Because I'm suddenly in demand, 
and everyone wants me.

I feel oh so important
and giddy with surprise, 
because as soon as I land on the shelf, 
I disappear before your eyes.

People fighting over me, 
but there really is no need,
there's plenty of me to go round, 
now stop your loo roll greed!

Just take one packet off the self
I am sure four rolls will do,
if your remember the golden rule
One square for pee, and three for poo.

I am a little loo roll, 
as happy as can be, 
now wash your hands and kill the bugs
Before you have your tea.

By me.

Help.  I fear I may be going round the bend!

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