An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Eyes on the Prize...


David and Adrian sneaked in a round of golf today and thankfully the weather was decent.

They returned full of the joys (well David did as he'd had a decent round.  Even got a birdie, which is unheard off!  Adrian was less joyful but put a positive spin on his performance by saying at least he'd had some exercise :-)) and desperate for coffee and something sweet.

As ever, Lola was over the moon to see Adrian and hopeful of sharing some of his choc chip cookie.  Despite telling her it was all gone, she didn't quite believe him, well he hadn't shown her his jazz hands whilst saying "all gone!" so she wasn't fooled :-))

While they were golfing I had a session with my physio K.  We didn't too too much because of my cough (it is much better) but she did show me a few techniques to help expand certain areas of my lungs by compressing other parts.  I'll have to show David as he'll be the one doing the compressing, which I am sure he'll be delighted to do.  What fun he'll have making it difficult for me to breath!  :-)))

Spent the evening transferring more of my laptop files to the new hard drive, as well as loads of photos from memory sticks.  Almost at the end of this boring exercise...yipee!  :-))

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