An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

It's all in the planning...


The lads had a lazy morning after their night out at the Busted concert.  

As ever, Andrew wanted French Toast for breakfast.  David was in charge of the making of that (due to spending half the night coughing I slept till 9am so I was in the shower when Andrew announced it was French toast time.  Couldn't have timed it better ;-))  Thankfully David made it to Andrew's exact specifcation - crispy but not burned.

David and Andrew took Lola a walk on the moor while I prepared lunch.  Lola got filthy rolling in mud but thankfully put herself through the "carwash" (a welcome body of fresh flowing water that she likes to wallow in) and emerged clean, so she just needed to be dried off when she got home.

After lunch David and I sat at the kitchen table to do some planning for our holiday to Harris and Lewis in September.  I know it's six months away but it's a long time since I've looked forward to a holiday quite so much.  We have a few other trips planned before September but having dreamed of visiting the Western Isles for so long, I am so happy that it's finally happening.

We spent time planning the route there and back (slightly different route back to allow for additional photography opportunities) as well as ferry crossings and our stay-overs in Skye.

I've already purchased the book Photographing Scotland by Dougie Cunningham, and some excellent crime fiction based on Harris and Lewis to whet my appetite (although hoping not to encounter any crime while we're there!)   My next task is to go over my photography equipment and decide if there's anything I feel I need to purchase for the trip.  My Blip pal Sleepyhead is visiting in a few weeks and I already have a ten point list of questions to bombard him with as he's been to Harris and Lewis and captured some amazing photographs.  By the time I see him I expect the list will have doubled in length.  Brace yourself Sleepyhead!  :-))

After dinner and an evening walk with Lola, David took Andrew home and I set about transferring all my photographs and files from my macbook pro to an external hard drive  so I can take it to the Apple shop to be overhauled and hopefully get rid of the annoying glitches.  I will then be able to update my Photoshop Elements and purchase the upgraded Silver Efex Pro software, which will hopefully make editing my photos a pleasure again rather than a complete drudge because it is SO slow!  

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