Photos from a random mind

By katkatkat

Surprising mug day 2

Those that saw yesterday's blip will have seen that we played a silly game of "what's the most surprising thing under your mug" over zoom with the kids. Today their Grannie and Grandad joined them, new to the idea of this task.

Today's surprising thing was a little cat, I'm going to go ahead and say it's Marble because it reminds me of our sweet little white and silver tabby Marble (mum, please don't ruin this for me by telling me what it actually is!)

The most surprising thing about this little Kittie is when we came to the second round and I'd passed it through the internet to my sister! It had curled up to sleep by the time it got to her though!

Had our first almost full organisation meeting via Workplace. They're happening at 12 don't they know that's lunchtime! Oh well, it then puts my lunch break ready for learning sign language at 1pm.

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