The Paper Rack

This paper kiosk/tiny shop is a Stirling Institution. I'm not sure how long it has been open but certainly as long as I can remember. It is serving an important function by staying open at the moment. It's so tiny that it can only operate a one out, one in regime anyway and today I observed that being strictly adhered to. I was out for my one walk of the day. I decided that the circuit I worked out yesterday really won't do for months on end. I need some uphill walking . So I went up Gowan Hill and round by the foot of the castle. I maybe saw 10 people during the hour I was out, including the customers in the Paper Rack.

I've started recording myself reading stories for the children. One a day for each so that they can build up a library. And the routine of a 1pm call to our grandson and 3pm call to the girls seems to be working.

Tonight I have set up a zoom meeting with a group of friends. We usually meet monthly - should have been last week but obviously that didn't happen. It'll be great to see them.

Online yoga last night worked well. I'll be joining the class every Wednesday as long as it's running. I missed the music but as we were all muted except the teacher I could put it on at home next week. My legs are feeling it today after yoga last night and up the hill this morning.

Nothing else  really to report except that, thank goodness, we seem to be ok here. Hoping the same for everyone.

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