By hazelh

Early bird tea/coffee break

Rachel and I are two of the 'early birds' in our research group (another is LyndseyJ) so we arranged a tea/coffee break on Skype at 09:00 this morning. Bruce wanted to join us too, but started off not showing his face. When we persuaded him to do so, we discovered the reason why he was hiding: he was just out of bed, in his dressing gown, in the yard outside his basement flat, smoking a roll-up! We all enjoyed our chat and will be meeting again tomorrow, this time at 11:00 (because I have a meeting with Peter at 09:00).

Other than opening a couple of late birthday cards, I worked hard the rest of the day. Paddy is meant to be dropping something off for me when he takes his evening walk, so that might add some interest to another day in Coronavirus captivity.

Exercise today: none.

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