By KatesGardenPDX

A Drippy Morning

It was cold and damp last night, with a pretty good rain that ended early this morning. We woke up to 38 F (3 C) and after breakfast I went for a good walk around my neighborhood. I saw only one car in my 2 mile walk, and three other people. It's very quiet...if you're able to step outside, have you heard the birds? It's amazing! I saw a robin in my tiny bird bath this morning making a huge splashing mess and had the thought that I could set up my camera on a tripod outside, focused on the bird bath, and control it from inside with my phone. It might be worth a try?

At any rate, during my walk I saw all sorts of very wet and lovely spring flowers - magnolias, cherries, all manner of spring bulbs, including these tulips which are actually in my garden. They still re-bloom every spring and it's been six years now. I love them...their color, form, and especially drippy :-)

Hope these bring a spot of pleasure to your day! Be well dear Blipmates! 

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