Sheltering in Place

I'm still trying to draw the line on what to wipe down. 
Nespresso arrived today...delivered to the porch by the mail person. 
Do I wipe the cardboard box? 
Do I wipe the inner box containing the pods?
Do I wipe the pods?
The pods within boxes within a box remind me of us sheltering in place
Each of us staking out a place where we can work within our separate boxes.... 
My knees will give out before I complete the requisite number of street to field circuits. Time for a new plan....
Talked from a distance to two different neighbors.Big social day....
Found John weeding the top terrace with a nice fire going.
Too bad we don't have any marshmallows....
John is starting to talk to his tomato plants.
He took them out for a little sunshine and forgot to bring them in when it       hailed
The birds are sheltering in place too*, but we're running out of birdseed. 
I put out some pepitas....they don't like them
I put out some ancient sultanas...they disdained them
Soon they'll be on their own
Unless we can get birdseed from Amazon....
Tomorrow's another day....


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