By Teasel

The Waterside

I really struggled today and I had great difficulty getting going.  TT seemed to be in a similar place.  I definitely lost my motivation for work and really struggled to get through my in box.  I had a call at 10am which I thought would shake me out of my malaise.  It took me three phone to get on the call, meanwhile people were messaging and texting me to find out where I was.  My work mobile would not let me connect to the call, my own mobile let me connect then threw me out.  Third time lucky I got through on the landline, and I imagine there will be a hefty charge associated with the call.  This was followed by a call with the team, which  probably did help me to shake myself up a bit The afternoon didn’t seem quite so bad, but I still haven’t completed a piece of work I started a week ago, which is not like me at all.

I was glad to shut my laptop down.  I headed out for a walk.  It was a damp and the fog really came down and it started to get dark – not ideal conditions for my one bit of exercise a day.  TT had re-purposed some leftovers for tea and very nice it was too.

Later, I found it really difficult to settle to anything.  I think I have lost my focus and my ability to concentrate.  I have barely watched TV all week and have only read a few pages of my book.  I eventually settled on the sofa to watch an episode of Liar on  catch up and woke up when it was finished – I had missed it.  I headed to bed.

A blip from my walk, looking in the opposite direction from last night – my daily exercise.

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