An early start again, and plenty to do when I got into the office.  Before I knew it,  my ongoing staffing issue needed some attention and had to be dealt with.  Not what I needed, when I had more than plenty to do already.  The rest of my day passed in a bit of a blur, and U was sill wading through yesterday’s emails when I was getting ready to leave this evening.  Before I left, I wrote four things on my to do list for tomorrow.  I wonder how many I will get done, or even started.

The boys were still at BB’s football training when I got home.  It was almost a pleasure to cook tonight – very little thoughts required and no interruptions – bliss!

BB came home from football and practiced his cello – and demonstrated some very good playing.  TT and I were impressed.

I made myself go out for a brisk walk at lunchtime to get some fresh air, and I found a new ghost sign.  I think it says The Abbeyhill Pharmacy.

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