Every Little Step

By moonfairy


.... to decorate the Easter trees.

It was decided to keep Isabella home from Kindy today.  Her temperature shot up again last night, and she was complaining of a sore throat and tummy ache.

By this morning her temperature had gone down, but she still had the sore throat and tummy ache.  After a couple of hours, she was fine!  She's still very pale though, and doesn't look well.

The weather wasn't very kind to us today either.  We managed to get out for a walk, before it rained.  But we couldn't play in the garden.

We've done lots of different things, including trying to decorate 2 Easter trees.  I wish I'd done one yesterday with Mia now.   It would've saved a lot of arguments, over which eggs each had to put on the trees.

Looking at them, they may need a bit of tidying up!!

At one point Isabella said, 'I wish this Coronavirus would go away.'  It's the second time she's said this.

It's amazing what kids pick up on.

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