Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

Ok, so I spoke with the help line this morning and the nurse who I talked to was really helpful. She listened to my symptoms and my underlying illnesses and said that I probably have Covid-19. But, since everything is so unsure now about this virus she couldn't be 100 % sure. She told me to go into quarantine and stay home from work until I'm free from symptoms and an extra two days. 
I feel better today, but I'm still very tired and have problems with my asthma. I take good care of my asthma and use my meds regularly to help my lungs. I have a slight cough, some sneezing and aches in my joints. Mostly feet and hands, strangely enough. 
I also asked the nurse if I can walk outside since I live close to a forest and she told me yes, when I feel better, but I need to stay two meters from other people. 
I've started to crochet a 'virus sjal'. Yes, that's the name of the pattern! I thought it suits the situation. Its an ombre yarn. It doesn't show in the photo. 
I'll be fine. :) I'm going to miss my Geranium babies though! It's been such a joy to see them grow every day. 
And, then there's that bike problem... But, hopefully it'll sort itself out somehow. 
Happy Saturday everyone! :)

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