By Veronica

Keep the red flag flying

Saturday -- the weekly shop!! So exciting. I generously gave up my turn to go round Mercadona to S, since he seemed keen (ironic, we both dislike supermarket shopping normally). So he set off with the giant shopping list, plus an extra list from neighbours B and C, who need to self-isolate because of underlying conditions. 

I didn't want to completely renounce venturing beyond the garden gate though, so I gave myself the errand of going to the pharmacy to see if they had any hand gel. I was 99% certain they wouldn't, and I was right, but at least I had an excuse ready for any passing Guardia Civil. I went to the two nearest pharmacies, one of which happens to be next to the bakery, so I popped in there and replenished the wine stock. I met a most unusual number of dog walkers on my way down the steps, but once I got to the seafront there was no-one about at all. It was startling and lovely to be genuinely out in the open, beyond the confines of the garden. Empty beach, sea, sky, and a horizon! Breathe deeply ...

S got nearly everything, but there's still no yeast or strong flour. Glad to have the option, I started a sourdough loaf with my new starter. We had lunch outside despite the weather being less clement than it might be. Now that the market's closed, our normal source of spankingly fresh fish is gone. S had bought a nice bream from Mercadona, so we had it in the usual way, baked with sliced potatoes, onions, and tomatoes. It was improved by using the zest of my own preserved lemons cut into dice, instead of the usual lemon slices. It was very good with a glass of crisp white wine. Fresh pineapple for afters.

It was great to talk to Bundle yesterday evening, although unfortunately the connection got a bit ropy and we had to switch off the video in order to hear her. Had some broadband envy looking at the crisp, clear image SaraEvans had.

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