By Veronica

Spring is coming

I didn't think I'd be blipping vines while here, but here are the green shoots on the elderly vine on the terrace. For its part the lantana has hardly stopped flowering all winter.

It was chill and grey again this morning, but at least it wasn't raining. It was almost warm enough to sit outside in the afternoon, so I did, and finally finished L'Assommoir. It can be summed up as "Life's a bitch and then you die." Studied a bit more of the classical music course, trying to get my head round chords and chord progressions.

Last night's film was a very early Almodóvar, Entre Tinieblas, which we've seen before. I see it's amusingly called Dark Habits in English. Set in a convent full of cocaine-snorting gay nuns who take in a nightclub singer who runs away when her drug dealer boyfriend dies of an overdose. Typically of Almodóvar films of this era, there's lots of camp dressing up and big vocal numbers. One of the nuns has a pet tiger, just because. Not his best work, but it has its moments.

Tonight we're having a virtual apero via Skype with lapsed blipper Bundle, last seen when we were in Italy in September. She's since changed jobs and moved up north from Oxford,  so it will be great to catch up. 

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