By Veronica


The new market hall finally being used, only about five years behind schedule. It still feels strangely deserted. There are a few more stalls than before, but spread over a much larger area, so there's no longer the bustle and buzz. Admittedly we got there late, but there were very few people about and some traders were already packing up at 12 o'clock. I guess it needs a bit of time to bed in.

We bumped into S and T, so sat down for a coffee with them. And this evening we were invited to neighbours A and B for dinner. As it was an all-Brit evening we vowed before we left the house not to mention Brexit and to change the subject if it was raised, and we pretty much succeeded. We are trying to restrict ourselves to one Brexit-related conversation a day, but given the rising level of clusterf*ckery, it's getting difficult.

PS Where's Wally S? He is in this photo.

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