Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Evening down lighting

An evening walk today to the Knott top to see the setting sun.  Grange has the best of the sunrises over the Kent estuary, we on the Arnside side have the best sunsets. I didn't wait for the actual sunset, it was too cold and breezy on the unsheltered hillside.  The winter returned this afternoon, and Reggie has backed back into his underground lair, wondering how he was fooled by the warmth of the last few days.

Events with the virus move at pace, and newspapers are out of date as soon as they are printed, and so with back blips, I have a few to do, but even yesterday seems like weeks ago. I can't say I have found myself at a loose end yet, there has been a lot to do with preparing the allotment. The potatoes will be planted next week, and I am trying to remove all vestiges of couch grass from the bed they are going into.  Wifie and I are sharing Gus walking now, so that I don't exceed my outdoor exercise allowance.  The good residents of Arnside are mostly respecting social distancing, performing slow motion dances to avoid invading each other's space. When this is all over, will we carry on doing this unthinkingly?

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