Arnside and beyond

By gladders


The little tangly buckthorn at the top of Redhills Pasture stands out against the drama of the evening sky over the Kent estuary and Grange-over-Sands.

The end of another day of lockdown, the world upside down, and yet life in some ways following its usual patterns - for some of us at least. I'm spending a lot of time on the allotment, today I planted the first of my potatoes, and realised that I have rather more than we may eventually be able to eat. But if the crop is good, we have neighbours and friends who would welcome a bag of spuds left on their doorstep if we are still social distancing by then.  And the earlies will be out of the ground in time to plant the crops for Autumn and Winter.

While we were watching this scene, we also witnessed one of the more blatant disregards of the prohibition of mountain bike use on public and permissive footpaths. C always makes an effort to speak politely to the lad when she sees him, but his latest strategy is to simply ignore her. I watched him do a high speed descent through the field, which with its irregular topography of humps, hollows, and patches of scrub makes for an exciting run.  But I wouldn't like to be walking up one of those paths with Gus when he came hurtling down. What can you do? Should we be worrying about more important things at the moment, as someone else who was there said? Or on the other hand, does the current crisis make anti-social and otherwise unpermitted behaviour acceptable? I don't see that it should.

Grumble over. I'm not being a good blipper at the moment, I'm not making time to post the daily photo, and I'm not keeping up with journals, for which I can only say sorry and thank my blip friends for their forbearance.

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