An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


When hand washing goes too far!!  :-))

Apparently there's going to be a baby boom in December 2020 (and probably Jan/Feb/March 2021) with lots of little babies being named Korona and Kwarantine (saw that on FB.  It made me laugh :-)))  

Got the following text from David this morning (I was upstairs, he was down :-) in response to a comment I'd made about how the world will look when this is all over.  It said..." Wonder if a fundamental shift towards socialism will be the reaction of those without jobs, with debts, and concerned for a broken NHS?  Or will there be Thatcher-esque clammer for promises of opportunity, wealth & renewed freedom from the state?  Discuss."

Hahahahahaha...yes that's the kind of light hearted conversation taking place in this house!  

Actually I didn't have to answer as THIS appears to provide some vision.

In other news the most exciting thing I did today was make a chicken curry.  Tomorrow I will try to be more productive.

Uk Blippers, please remember our clocks go forward tonight.  Great.  Having found myself falling into a pattern of being unable to sleep till at least 3am, it will now be 4am!  Oh well, an hour closer to waking up again.  Every cloud :-))

And now for some rice pudding.

Must.  Stop.  Eating.

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