An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Lola's frown...

Frowning in confusion when D sneaked back inside mid-play to get his hat (the sun was deceptive :-)  Smiles and other poses in extras.

Lola's had her walk on the moor (which now includes a 25 minute walk to and from the moor instead of taking the car on a three minute journey) and a good hour in the garden and is now flat out at my feet!  :-))

Constructive time in the garden as D got all the garden furniture out of the Gin Palace.  We can now get it prepared for lockdown summer.

After the latest update from the First Minister I can't see life looking anywhere near normal till the start of next year.  

Proud of how the Scottish authorities are dealing with it though.  Special medical centres set up to keep suspected cases away from their GP practices, a coherent plea for volunteers with clear plans about how to deal with them and their deployment, emergency legislation going through the Scottish Parliament to stop tenants being evicted from their homes, eight weeks worth of PPE being delivered to GP surgeries this week,

And Scotland's national clinical director Prof Jason Leitch says Scotland has "astonishingly" redesigned its health service in two weeks,

"I cannot tell you how difficult it is to double our intensive care capacity in two weeks," he adds.  "And now we're asking our health boards to quadruple intensive care capacity in another two weeks - if you'd told me that a month ago I honestly would have thought you were crazy."

And this!!  Which is a relief as I have been slightly concerned that all the UK advice has been focussed on, and reacting to what is happening in London.  More detailed localised information and advice across the individual nations can only be a good thing.

As someone once said, every little helps :-))

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