By Paladian

Potted on

I potted the cumquat (Citrus myrtifolia) into its new home this afternoon.  On the other side of the steps is a potted bay tree - which I did try to move, but the roots have grown through the bottom of of the pot and it's firmly anchored.

Today we received quite awful news - we are no longer allowed to work in the open air in the Park.  That means - given the dry weather we are experiencing - our garden is really going to struggle.  It wouldn't be so bad if we had indoor jobs with all on top of each other in a crowded office.  But here we have an acre of land, and everyone works at least 10 metres away from their neighbour.

The bush care workers have been told to stop as well - they are all devastated.

Many of our people are older, and volunteer in more than one organisation.  One by one their activities have been cancelled, and all they had left was the Park. 

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