Beautiful morning. Really sunny and bright though the air is cool. I decided on yet another route today and walked over to Bridgehaugh and the Stirling County Rugby Ground. It's popular with dog walkers anyway and there are no games now or in the foreseeable future so it made for a pleasant stroll. The rugby ground is bordered at one point by allotments and this is the hut of one allotmenteer. It's a treasure.

I was annoyed by the one other dog walker at Bridgehaugh. We're meant to keep our dogs on a lead now but his wasn't. It was a friendly labrador of the kind that Flora would normally love to play with. But these aren't normal times and the man was getting closer and closer to us in an effort to bring his dog back. In the end he managed without crossing the invisible 6 feet line but it was a near thing. Apart from that bit of unnecessary drama I saw a couple of other walkers and runners and that was that.

When I got home I had a coffee video catch up with my sister. Then I tried to be smart and record a story for both the babies in one go. Up till now I've been personalising them with a wee bit of chat using their names individually. I'm happy to do this but there's only so often you can read Fox's Socks on video. So today I put a photo of the two of them on the screen and read the story. I don't know if it worked but I just thought the cousins aren't going to see each other for months so this might be a way of keeping the memory going. We'll see.

It's lunchtime already. We lost an hour when the clocks went forward so I'm slightly out of kilter. But I can always eat. And after that it'll be green gym in the garden and sowing some seeds.

Hope everything is well in the world of blip.

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