Build Bridges not Borders!

It has been a while since I walked back from the supermarket. It might even have been the time, shortly after operation when it had to be rapidly curtailed because of a problem with my wound. I won't be more specific... Anyway, this was my 'exercise' for the day, before 9am, because later on I was unable to persuade myself to get on the spinning bike. I regret that.

We had a 'cup of tea' with hazelh and Mr hazelh, and then somehow the rest of the day disappeared in... not very much. I had a snooze mid afternoon. Hmmm. After dinner, we watched The Tempest - trying to educate Mr A in Shakespeare. Impressive production, but I remain unsure what the Tempest is actually *about*. Any commenters care to enlighten me? We did get a tip to watch the Patrick Stewart version of Macbeth which is on Amazon. I think we will try that next.

Some daffodils in an extra.

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