Variety was today's theme. I identified a hipster coffee shop in Karlin where it was clear we could get excellent coffee. We walked out there along the river, and back through Karlín and into the Old Town, via the front of the Namesti Republike. I enjoyed the sharp change from the working class/gentrifying neighbourhood where the coffee shop was located into Karlínské Square, which is stunning, featuring large houses and normally a farmers' market from spring to autumn.

At lunchtime, I headed off to meet some colleagues for a very interesting chat, and then settled in the library for the afternoon. In the end, the evening meeting was cancelled after the person's flight was cancelled in Florence (a bit of an occupational hazard - it's happened to me too). So Mr A and I took ourselves off to a Vietnamese restaurant, partly in response to an interesting lunchtime conversation about the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic. It was excellent, but the evening was slightly marred by my inputting the wrong amount for the tip into the machine. Luckily, they gave us most of it back in cash.

And inevitably, I've kept half an eye on today's proceedings in Parliament, which seem to have acquired a very dodgy flavour, although it's beyond my ken to provide a legal analysis.

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