The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie


Working on her family tree website.  She's been very busy building a series of websites to display her extensive family tree research. Don't ask me why. I appreciate that she finds it interesting, and it is, in one way, but not my sort of thing! It is in website format so that the grandparents can access it easily.

This morning we watched the live St Mungo's Balerno church service, whilst I finished a piece of embroidery. I also cleaned up a frame and put the embroidery in it. It'll look lovely in the lounge, except we need another one to go next to it and we haven't got another frame! Lets hope Hobbycraft do online delivery...

This afternoon my parents started watching Anne of Green Gables on the television we stole from my aunt and uncle, whilst I did some creative writing 'cos I didn't fancy watching it. Creative writing was most of what I did for the afternoon (tired from Firestarters online going on rather late last night!). Me and Dad also took a very roundabout route to what was definitely not the nearest postbox to post a letter, and a very roundabout route back again, exploring the lovely little country lanes round where we live. It was nice to get out - weird to go somewhere in the car!

Nigel Slater's incredibly, superlatively delicious crisp grilled spicy chicken tonight. So, so good!

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